IGT on slot machines and components for games like Sizzling Hot

For bills, the acceptor determines the bill amount
and validity, and communicates the amount to the
processor, which adds credits to the credit meter
in the denomination of game play. For example, a
$20 sizzling hot bill inserted into the bill acceptor of a quarterdenomination game would add 80 credits. For
tickets, the bill acceptor scans the bar code on the
ticket and transmits the validation number to the
ticket system. A central system determines if the
ticket is valid and credits the amount associated
with the ticket to the game.
Software and switches within the bill acceptor
determine the denomination of bills accepted. Bills
and tickets that are accepted by the bill acceptor are
stored in the bill acceptor cash box for removal by
gaming operations personnel.
Typical bill acceptor features include:
• Acceptance of tickets or specified bill
• Easy access for service and cash box
• Sensors to verify the denomination and
validity of the currency
• Communication between the bill acceptor
and the machine to ensure that credits are
accrued for valid bills and tickets only
• Simple procedures for maintenance, clearing
bill jams, and misfeeds
• Non-acceptance of bills if the acceptor is
• Messages on the machine’s VFD, LCD, or
video monitor to alert service personnel to
units that are disabled or full.

• The Cash-Out Amount is printed on the
ticket with both a bar code and numeric
• The Validation Number is used for tracking
purposes by preventing the player from
cashing the same ticket more than once
• The Gaming Venue refers to the property
where the ticket was printed, i.e., Fiesta
Casino, Las Vegas
• The Machine ID Numberidentifies the
specific machine where the ticket is printed
• The Print Date and Time notes the exact
date and time the ticket was printed
Tickets are usually valid for a specified period of
time, and that time period is printed on the ticket.
Ticket paper can be printed with the venue’s logo or
other information identifying the location where the
ticket was printed.

Electromechanical counters, with no means
for resetting, are located inside the machine.
These counters are referred to as “hard
meters” in the gaming industry.
• Random access memory (RAM) stores
the number/amount of coins inserted in
the machine, paid out by the machine,
diverted to the drop area, and a host of other
statistical information. This data is retained
by means of a long-life battery backup even
when there is no source of outside power to
the machine. These meters are known in the
gaming industry as “soft meters.

Source: http://deluxeslots.tumblr.com/post/52647594505/from-a-personal-guide-to-electronic-slot-machines

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